My first attempt at this was very long and winded! I’ll try to give the Readers’ Digest version!

I was born and raised in Charlotte, NC, studied voice with Eugene Talley-Schmidt at FSU, returned to Charlotte to be with the Charlotte Opera for a couple of years and then on to NYC!

I’ve loved every second I’ve ever spent in the city! In the late 70’s/early 80’s managed to survive on theatre work. Did the ship thing (bless the late Larry Alford!) where I met the most wonderful lifelong friends a person could have! Industrials, regional theatre, and had a ball on tour playing Gloria Thorpe in Dick Van Dyke’s tour of “Damn Yankees".

I met Earl Wentz in Charlotte during my formative years (come see the show to get the whole story!) and we reconnected in New York!

A husband, two children (Kelly now in college and a voice major, Adam headed off next year), and 3 dogs later, I’m back at it! I’ve done work off and on while the kids were growing up, but didn’t like missing recitals, games, and concerts (or listening to them on the cell in a dressing room!)

I’m so excited with the latest turn my professional life has taken! I adore performing in cabaret! It’s the perfect venue for me!

I’m having the time of my life performing “Vampin’ Lady: the music of Milton Ager" with Earl. Please check the schedule and come see our show!